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Inzuzo Landscapes services specialise in all your landscaping needs. No project is too big or too small with a team of landscaping experts offering their professional advice. Creatively executing each piece with the customer in mind so every result is distinct from another. We also take pride in our work by converting bare land into a celebration of colours, or a dull garden into a delight with striking textures and contours.
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By Madaline Sparks
Real Simple

If You Prefer a Varied Landscape 

Flowering and foliage plants make a stunning display when arranged inside a Wardian case―a glass-paned terrarium with a hinged vent on top.
 What you’ll need: A roomy Wardian case; pebbles or aquarium gravel; activated aquarium charcoal; potting mix; sheet moss; a mister with distilled water; and at least five plants. Real Simple used a parlor palm seedling, a ‘Red Splash’ polka dot, a lady’s slipper orchid, a ‘Pink Starlight’ earth star, a Pearcea, and miniature ivy. Also consider a heart fern, a mosaic plant, a dwarf begonia, creeping fig, and baby’s tears.

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