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Inzuzo Landscapes services specialise in all your landscaping needs. No project is too big or too small with a team of landscaping experts offering their professional advice. Creatively executing each piece with the customer in mind so every result is distinct from another. We also take pride in our work by converting bare land into a celebration of colours, or a dull garden into a delight with striking textures and contours.
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By Elle Decoration
Elle Decoration SA

The deep freeze has arrived. It’s much larger and more impressive than the one in any of our pantries. It’s all white all over the countryside in South Africa. And even though it isn’t snowing right outside our door, it sure feels like it could be. Pass the Aquavit!

There’s an upside to these shivery days. Sometimes you need a detox from colour and adopt a Skandi state of mind, to clear the cobwebs and the cupboards. These images might inspire the inner minimalist in you – they’re all from a beautiful Swiss (surprise, surprise) blog: Shapenoid - spotted by the polished eye of ELLE DECORATION guest blogger, designer Jaco Janse van Rensburg.

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By Nicole Guzzardi
Stylist Home

Forget wall paintings and murals. The newest trend hitting homes across the nation: Living walls. These decor features are interior gardens that literally grow vertically up a wall. These unique indoor gardens are made entirely of plants and often cover large expanses. They emerged years ago in hotels, airports and office buildings but are now becoming popular with homeowners desiring unique wall art (or an indoor garden!)

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