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Inzuzo Landscapes services specialise in all your landscaping needs. No project is too big or too small with a team of landscaping experts offering their professional advice. Creatively executing each piece with the customer in mind so every result is distinct from another. We also take pride in our work by converting bare land into a celebration of colours, or a dull garden into a delight with striking textures and contours.
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By NewsCore

Moving to a tiny apartment in a big city doesn’t mean you have to give up your green thumb. Here are some tips for growing plants and produce in an urban setting.

Think vertically
"When you hardly have room to store your groceries, finding room to grow produce is another big challenge," says Ric Scicchitano, the senior vice president of food and beverage at Corner Bakery Café. He suggests trying a vertical vegetable garden, using hanging baskets and small containers or utilizing shelves to garden without taking up a lot of valuable space.